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This is a unique development opportunity for healthcare workers in the field of cybersecurity. The program was created thanks to co-financing from EU funds under the #DIGITAL EUROPE program . Bootcamp is nothing more than an intensified program of weekly training, during which participants will be able to gain unique knowledge about cybersecurity architecture.

Thanks to our program, health care workers responsible for maintaining IT systems will have the opportunity to prepare to obtain renowned industry certificates such as (ISC)2 SSCP or Microsoft AZ-500 andSC-100, which will support them in building a cybersecure IT architecture.

Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Career with Our Bootcamp


It's easy! If you are an employee of the Public Health Service or a Non-Governmental Organization supporting the health care sector, you automatically qualify for a 75% discount! We have not forgotten about private institutions such as laboratories, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, and pharmacies, who can also benefit from a promotional price for participation in the training!

To join the Bootcamp, complete a simple application form, select the form of online or stationary training, the appropriate training and the date.

We attach official training materials anda FREE Exam Voucher to each training!



SSCP is the ideal solution for IT administrators, managers, directors and network security professionals responsible for the practical operational security of critical assets. Demonstrates that you have advanced technical skills and knowledge to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure using best security practices, policies and procedures. What you will learn: • Domain 1 - Security Operations and Administration • Domain 2 - Access control • Domain 3 - Risk identification, monitoring and analysis • Domain 4 - Incident Response and Recovery • Domain 5 - Cryptography • Domain 6 - Network and communications security • Domain 7 - System and application security

If you want to learn more about the SSCP training and the benefits of obtaining the certificate, download the free information brochure.


AZ-500 & SC-100

The training is intended for IT specialists and cybersecurity architects who want to explore both the practical aspects of securing Azure infrastructure and the comprehensive design of security strategies in the Microsoft ecosystem. This combined approach enables participants not only to gain knowledge about implementing and managing security in the Azure cloud, but also to develop the skills necessary to create advanced security architectures. What you will learn: 1. Design and implement advanced security strategies. 2. Effectively manage identity and access, 3. Implement data and application protection mechanisms in the cloud, 4. Analyze potential threats and respond to security incidents. 5. Implement security policies based on the Zero Trust model.

If you want to learn more about the AZ-500 and SC-100 training and the benefits of obtaining the certificate, download the free information brochure.




(Public Health Care Centers / Medical Educational Institutions / NGOs operating in the health care service)

Online - 300 EUR

Onsite - 400 EUR   

Standard - 1600 EUR


(SMEs up to 200 employees - Private Health Care Centers / Medical Laboratories / Manufacturers and Distributors of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Products / Pharmacies)

Online - 700 EUR

Onsite - 800 EUR

Standard - 1600 EUR



Online - 1000 EUR

Onsite - 1200 EUR

Standard - 1600 EUR

  • The prices given are net values, the appropriate 23% VAT must be added to each training

  • All training is conducted by certified trainers.

  • All participants receive the following included in the training price: Official Training Materials and an Exam Voucher worth EUR 555.


To ensure maximum flexibility for our participants, we have prepared online and stationary classes. Bootcamps will be conducted every 4 months throughout the duration of the ASCLEPIUS project, i.e. until September 2026. Below is a detailed schedule of planned trainings and their form.

September 2024 - Stationary

January 2025 - Online

May 2025 - Online

September 2025 Stationary

January 2026 - Online

May 2026 - Online

September 2026 - Stationary

  • Please remember that there is a limit of places for 20 people for stationary training.

  • If it is not possible to gather the required number of people for stationary training, the organizer has the right to transform the training into an online form.

  • Locations and specific training dates will be communicated at least 3 months before the start of the training.



Thank you for submitting your entry!

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