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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


Our Cybersecurity Academy is a groundbreaking 6-month online course. Cyber Academy is an ideal proposition for anyone who wants to enter the world of cybersecurity. Our program combines the flexibility of online learning with interactive live workshops led by recognized experts in the field of cybersecurity. During the course, you will gain not only theoretical foundations, but above all practical skills necessary to start a professional career in cybersecurity. Regardless of your experience, this course will open the door to the fascinating world of cybersecurity.


Choose Your Path in Cybersecurity with Cyberskills Academy


Condensed, one-day training designed to quickly and effectively improve cybersecurity competences. Available both online and onsite, our training is ideal for non-IT employees looking for practical, integrated knowledge that they can immediately apply to their work. Conducted by experienced experts, classes focus on the latest methods and strategies of defense against cyber threats, adapted to various industries and professional environments.



Our free cybersecurity webinars are a great opportunity for anyone who wants to increase their awareness of digital protection. Aimed at a broad audience, from IT professionals to everyday internet users, these educational sessions are designed to discuss the latest trends, analyze current threats, and present new regulatory requirements in cyberspace. Through interactive discussions and case studies, participants of our webinars gain practical knowledge that helps them better secure their data and IT infrastructure. Join us to stay up to date with best practices and innovations in cybersecurity.


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Dedicated training for health care workers co-financed by the European Union carried out as part of the ASCLEPIUS project from the DIGITAL EUROPE program.

Our Bootcamps are a series of intensified week-long training courses during which participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge to obtain renowned certificates in the world of cybersecurity. Training will be conducted in English both stationary and online.



We offer dedicated training services tailored specifically to the needs of your company to increase awareness and understanding of cybersecurity issues among your employees. Our individually designed awareness and training programs cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of information security, through advanced techniques for defending against cyberattacks, to compliance with data protection regulations. As an authorized reseller and Managed Service Provider of the KnowBe4 platform, we provide access to leading educational tools and phishing simulations that help in practical and effective development of safe digital habits. By using our services, your organization not only improves the level of knowledge and skills of its employees, but also increases its overall resistance to cyber threats.

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