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Vulnerability management is a key element of any organization's cybersecurity strategy, which involves systematically identifying, classifying, assessing, and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in IT systems. In the digital age, where cyber threats are evolving day by day, effective vulnerability management enables companies to not only stay ahead of potential attacks, but also protect sensitive data and assets. By regularly monitoring and updating systems, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and maintain business continuity, which is essential to maintaining customer trust and maintaining operational stability.


Vulnerability management (VM) problems are becoming increasingly apparent in many organizations, as recent research confirms. Approximately one-fifth of respondents report that their VM programs receive less funding than required, which directly impacts their effectiveness and ability to protect against cyber threats. Additionally, approximately one-third of leaders believe that the metrics and reporting within their VM programs are ineffective, making it difficult to assess risk and make informed decisions. Many organizations choose to outsource VM processes, such as network scanning, threat intelligence collection or application scanning. Most surveyed organizations include the implementation of network access control or penetration testing in their VM strategies. Additionally, dividing responsibilities between vulnerability management and patch management among different teams is a common difficulty faced by leaders, which further complicates the effective management of vulnerabilities within an organization.

49% OutsourcedVulnerabilityManagement


Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response) is an advanced vulnerability management solution that offers comprehensive capabilities to detect, identify, prioritize and respond to cyber threats in real time. Thanks to the integrated platform, users can easily monitor and manage the security of their IT infrastructure, which includes networks as well as end devices, applications and even cloud environments. Qualys VMDR stands out in the market thanks to its ability to provide full visibility into an organization's digital assets and automate vulnerability scanning and mitigation processes, allowing companies to proactively protect themselves against potential cyberattacks and increase their cyber resilience.

As a Value Added Reseller of the Qualys platform, our company not only offers access to the Qualys VMDR product, but also provides a number of additional services that maximize the value of this solution for our customers. Our services include professional training that helps IT teams effectively use the platform, as well as implementation support tailored to the specific requirements and environment of each organization. Additionally, as a Managed Service Provider , we offer full service and management of the vulnerability management system, enabling our clients to focus on their core business while ensuring that their IT infrastructure is protected against growing cyber threats.


Qualys WAS (Web Application Scanning) is a powerful tool designed to identify vulnerabilities in web applications , which are one of the most common targets of cyber attacks. Thanks to deep analysis and automatic scanning, Qualys WAS allows you to quickly detect vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection that can lead to serious data breaches and system compromise. This solution offers a comprehensive overview of web application security, providing not only the identification of vulnerabilities, but also recommendations for mitigating them. Qualys WAS is designed to help organizations maintain a high level of web application security, which is key to protecting sensitive customer data and maintaining user trust.

As a Value Added Reseller of the Qualys platform, our company offers not only access to the Qualys WAS tool, but also a number of additional services that facilitate the effective implementation and use of this technology as part of a cybersecurity strategy. We offer professional training for development and security teams to maximize their ability to identify and manage web application vulnerabilities . In addition, we provide assistance in system implementation and configuration, tailored to the unique needs of each organization. As a Managed Service Provider, we also offer comprehensive management of web application scanning, which allows our clients to focus on business development, knowing that their applications are constantly monitored and protected against potential threats.


The "Just in Time Security" service is an innovative solution offering a one-time, comprehensive scanning of the client's infrastructure and its web applications, without the need to install scanners or agents in the client's infrastructure. Thanks to this service, companies can quickly gain insight into the security status of their systems and applications, identifying potential vulnerabilities and security gaps. The customer receives a detailed report containing the scan results along with recommendations for mitigating the detected threats, which allows immediate remedial action to be taken. This service is an ideal solution for organizations that need a quick security assessment , want to avoid lengthy implementation processes and are looking for a flexible approach to cybersecurity management.


Master Vulnerability Management with Our Cybersecurity Services

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