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Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive cloud platform that integrates office applications, collaboration tools and security solutions, enabling companies to increase productivity and efficiency. Including popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Teams and SharePoint, Microsoft 365 enables employees to easily create, communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world. The security of this platform is crucial for organizations because it integrates sensitive data and business processes that may become the target of cyberattacks. Ensuring threat protection, access management and data protection in Microsoft 365 is therefore fundamental to maintaining business continuity, protecting its digital assets and maintaining customer trust.


Over the last 12 months, 24% of organizations experienced public cloud security incidents, with misconfigurations being the primary cause , followed by account compromises and exploited vulnerabilities. These results suggest that organizations should prioritize strengthening their cloud security measures and improving incident detection and reporting. Continuous monitoring and regular security audits can help organizations better understand their security posture and reduce the risk of cloud-related incidents. With multi-cloud complexity increasing, it's no surprise that only 67% of cybersecurity professionals are at best moderately confident in their organization's cloud security posture. The survey results highlight the importance of continuously improving your cloud security strategy, ongoing training , and implementing best practices to increase confidence and ensure a solid security posture in the face of evolving threats. While a third of respondents (30%) rate the level of risk in the cloud and on-premises as equal, 43% perceive a higher degree of risk in the cloud.



Microsoft Entra is a modern identity and access management (IAM) platform designed by Microsoft to help organizations securely manage user identities and control access to resources in hybrid and cloud environments. Entra integrates advanced identity management, identity verification and security features to help organizations protect against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. With Entra, companies can benefit from a unified and scalable platform that offers solutions such as conditional access management, multi-factor authentication and advanced user identity management, which are crucial to ensuring data and application security in today's dynamic digital world.

As a certified Microsoft partner, our company offers comprehensive services related to the Microsoft Entra platform, including analysis, implementation and development of identity management processes. Our team of experts can help you assess your current security architecture , identify potential gaps , and propose personalized solutions that best suit your organization's needs. From initial analysis, through the implementation process, to the configuration of advanced identity and access management functions, we support companies in effectively using the opportunities offered by Microsoft Entra. Our services not only help optimize identity management processes, but also increase security and operational efficiency, enabling organizations to focus on their core business activities.


Microsoft Purview is an integrated risk, compliance and data protection solution from Microsoft that enables organizations to better control and protect their data across the enterprise. Purview provides the tools necessary to discover, classify, protect and monitor sensitive data, regardless of where it resides - in the cloud, on mobile devices, in SaaS applications or on-premises environments. With compliance and risk management capabilities , Microsoft Purview helps companies meet legal and regulatory requirements while providing advanced protection against cyber threats. This tool integrates various functionalities, such as identity and access rights management, information protection and insider risk management , which makes it a key element of the data security strategy of every modern organization.

As a Microsoft partner, our company offers comprehensive services related to the implementation and optimization of Microsoft Purview in the organization. We provide professional advice and support in the analysis of business needs, design and implementation of Purview solutions, tailored to specific customer requirements. Our experts help you maximize the potential of this platform, from configuring data protection policies, through compliance management, to end-user training. Thanks to our support, organizations can not only effectively manage their data and minimize risk, but also increase their resistance to cyber threats, thus protecting their most valuable resources - information.


Microsoft Intune is an advanced enterprise mobility and application security management solution that enables organizations to manage employee mobile devices, applications and computers in a secure and efficient manner. With Intune, companies can easily implement security policies, configure settings on devices, and manage access to corporate data, ensuring it is protected on every device and in every location. Intune integrates with Microsoft 365 to offer a unified identity and access management platform, making it easy to protect data in the cloud and on end devices. This solution also supports remote implementation of applications and updates , which allows you to keep the software in the latest version and increases employee productivity while minimizing the risk of cyber threats.

As a Microsoft partner, our company offers comprehensive services related to Microsoft Intune, providing support at every stage - from planning and implementation to management and optimization . We provide the expertise and experience needed to effectively leverage all of Intune's features, helping you configure data protection policies, manage devices and applications, and ensure the security of your corporate data. With our help, organizations can take advantage of the full potential of enterprise mobility management, increasing the security of their IT environments and facilitating the management of devices and applications in distributed work teams.


Microsoft Defender is a comprehensive security solution from Microsoft that provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats for endpoint devices, identities, applications and data in cloud and hybrid environments. Integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Defender offers advanced features such as malware protection , behavior analysis, prevention of vulnerability exploitation and automatic response to incidents, which allows for quick neutralization of threats . Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft Defender continually evolves to effectively counter new and evolving attacks, while minimizing false positives and ensuring low impact on system performance. This comprehensive approach to security allows companies to protect their digital assets in a dynamically changing cyber threat landscape, while maintaining high productivity and business continuity.

As a certified Microsoft partner, our company offers a full range of Microsoft Defender-related services, supporting organizations in implementing , configuring and managing this powerful security solution. Our services include analyzing security needs, adapting protection to specific business requirements, as well as providing ongoing technical support. Thanks to our experience and expert knowledge, customers manage to maximize the effectiveness of Microsoft Defender, providing advanced protection against a wide spectrum of digital threats. By working with us, organizations can focus on their key business activities, confident that their IT environment is protected by one of the most advanced security solutions available on the market.


Our company specializes in building advanced security for the Microsoft 365 platform, providing comprehensive services from demand analysis , through implementation , to Managed Services . Starting with a detailed analysis and understanding of your organization's unique security needs and challenges, we design and implement personalized security strategies that are fully compliant with Microsoft 365 best practices. With our implementation support, we ensure that all Microsoft 365 components - from Exchange Online to SharePoint and Teams - they are optimally configured to protect company data against cyber threats. Additionally, our Managed Services offer continuous, proactive security protection and management, enabling your organization to focus on your key business goals while we maintain high levels of security and compliance in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Secure your Microsoft 365 environment with our Cybersecurity Experts

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